Process of making Pickled Spicy Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Fillet
PH 2/2018/000096

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Cagayan State University

VIVIT, Perfecto V.
MOLINA, Lenimfa P.


Process of making Pickled Spicy Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Fillet

The tilapia fillet is a convenient stable value - added food product characterized as having a light cream color with the preferred slight fishy odor and a palatable taste. The product was liked very much by the consumers. This product could be used as additional protein - packed food to be served in every Filipino household. The process in the preparation of the pickled tilapia fillet starts with thoroughly washing and cleaning the tilapia. Remove the fins and split the tilapia, remove the internal organs. Debone the tilapia to produce fillets, then weigh 1 kilogram of the fillet and set aside. In a separate container, make a 20% brine solution by mixing 200 grams salt in 1,000 grams water. Using a cheesecloth, filter the solution to remove dirt and unnecessary debris. Soak the fillets in the previously prepared brine solution. Gradually add the other ingredients like 500 grams white vinegar, 4 grams cayenne pepper, 22.25 grams white sugar, 7.8 grams garlic powder, 16.5 grams hot sauce, 9 grams white pepper, and 6 grams paprika. Soak the fillet in the solution for 45 minutes. Remove the fillet from the solution, strain to drain, vacuum pack and store in a freezer to lengthen its shelf life.