A Freshwater Clam (Batissa Violacea) Rearing Cage

Application Type
Utility Model


Application Number

Application Date
November 9, 2013

Expiration Date
November 9, 2020

Publication Number

Publication Date
March 16, 2016

Cagayan State University - Aparri Campus

Eunice A. Layugan


A Freshwater Clam (Batissa Violacea) Rearing Cage

This utility model relates generally to culture system for bivalves, but more particularly to a built in rearing Cage for Batissa violacea "cabibi" when cultured in combination with tilapia in a 1 m3 fish cage. To achieve the goal of the utility model, a rearing cage should be provided. The rearing cage consists of a bamboo frame, flooring, wall, plastic covering and substrate. The rearing cage is planted with clam seedlings, attached at the base of a 1m depth fish cage prior to suspension in rafts. The model is the only strategy to be able to make this organism available in any region where its culture is desired in cages. The rearing cage for freshwater clam Batissa is made of locally available and easy to construct materials. It can be used in any running body of freshwater provided with riverine substrate for the clams. It is an environment friendly technology that offers livelihood which requires minimal supervision and input for farmers/growers, while maximizing the production area in cages.